What you need to do when the light turns yellow?

So you have probably been interested in getting a drivers license, and you must have been aware of some online drivers course that is offered by some online organizations such as Nevada drivers ed.  Curious to know what to do when the light turns yellow? Well, the law states that every single driver should stop when the traffic light displays yellow light except he is very near to the intersection to halt safely.

Definition of the “too close” to the intersection

It is an exquisite idea to understand what the “too close” to the intersection in the context above refer to. There are quite some things to take into consideration when trying to understand this. The first thing to understand is; if you are about 100ft from the intersection, then you have passed the point where it is too close to the intersection, and cannot safely stop. So, if you meet yourself in a situation like this, the best thing is to continue at this steady speed, and you should also be watchful as you go through the intersection.

Another rule that you have to take into consideration is the time that it will get you to bring stop your car. Factoring the time that it will get you to realize the need for brake, as well as the rate at which your brake power brings your vehicle to a halt; you should be able to estimate a point where you can decide to be your “no turning back point” along the road. Taking a course with Nevada drivers ed will certainly get you familiar with things like this.

Take the vehicles behind you into consideration

You are on the road, and you could be tailgated. Therefore as you move toward the intersection, try as much as possible to get the tail trailers to slow down a bit. This can be done by making use of your brake to get them back. A course at Nevada drivers ed will get you grounded in how you can achieve this. This should be done since you will not want a situation in which a car crashes or bumps into you as you make a sudden stop. More details here: https://www.yelp.com/topic/los-angeles-the-traffic-ligt-turns-yellow-keep-going-or-sudden-stop-which-do-you-normally-do

The speed limit, determines the frequency of the yellow light

It is widely known that the yellow lights last a bit longer whenever there is a pretty high-speed limit. The general rule is that there is a one-second increase in the time that yellow light will stay, for every 10miles per hour increase in the speed limit. But, you should not, however, rely on this particular speculation as you should always strive for safety.

In case you are caught up with the red light, the police officer will not care whether you have passed the “too close” to the intersection point. His main point will be the fact that you did not explicitly estimate the possibility of being able to pass through the intersection on time. Taking up a course at Nevada drivers ed will get you familiar with things like this, and help you to avoid it more.