Texting While driving; how dangerous is it?

 Mobile everything has been one of the fastest growing trends currently. People are on their phones for different reasons at all hours of the day and night, one of the common reasons being texting. Actually statistics show that messaging is the most used data service in the world, with over 18.7 billion texts being sent every day, and whatsapp and facebook messenger combining for more than 60 billion texts send every day. Undoubtedly, more than a few of those messages are being send by people driving cars. Drivers Ed Nevada Research shows that texting while driving impairs the driver’s abilities.

Study conducted on drivers on texting while texting

A study done focusing on texting while driving focusing on the drivers reaction times to a light mounted on the windshield at eye level, meant to stimulate a lead car’s break lights. The driver was to hit brakes when the red light on the windshield lit up. The conditions were;

  • The driver to use text-friendly phones that are familiar to them.
  • All the driving done in a straight line.

The results

The results of this study were eye opening. Both reading and writing a text while driving had some impact on the reaction of the driver as below;

  • While reading text and driving, the baseline reaction worsened and it took longer to react.
  • When writing a text, the driver would react faster.

It would take quite a while, say between three to five seconds for the driver to look up while both reading and writing a text. According to drivers Ed Nevada a two-hands-on-the-phone technique, some serious lane drifting would be observed. While texting reading the driver would travel past or below his performance baseline.

It is dangerous

Considering that the study was conducted on a straight line, some other factors were not included. It means that the road is straight without any traffic, road signals or pedestrians and the main focus is reaction times. Above the reaction time there is how the driver would do the reaction at different situations. For instance, if there is traffic and also pedestrians walking along the pedestrian paths, it would mean some serious accidents occurring and head-on-crush due to the unconscious lane shifting.

There is also the method of holding the phone up above the dashboard and typing with one hand which would make it difficult to do anything except hit the brakes. This shows how difficult it is to both text and drive; although most people think they are pretty good drivers having gone through drivers training like the Nevada drivers Ed.

The key element to driving safely is keeping your eyes and your mind on the road. Text messaging distracts any driver from that primary task and hence drivers should avoid the temptation of texting while driving by all means. Drivers Ed Nevada has been made easy and available online hence one can take the course anywhere. Nevada drivers Ed course includes comprehensive lessons about current Nevada road rules, how to avoid collisions, sober and drug free driving, hence all inclusive. Visit this site for more information : http://igottadrive.com