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Astronomy - Recent Discoveries and Developments

by Paul Rumsby

Astronomy - Recent Discoveries and Developments Gathers the most significant, ground breaking, headline making stories and presents them in an easy to read, easy to understand format. Each section is accompanied by colour images and illustrations which beautifully reinforces the subject. Makes essential reading for interested laypersons, Amateur and Professional Astronomers, In fact anyone with an attraction for this fascinating and absorbing subject.

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Recommended Beginners Guide

For a generation, Astronomy: A Self Teaching Guide has introduced hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide to the night sky. Now this classic beginner′s guide has been completely revised to bring it up to date with the latest discoveries and graphics.

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Review of The Amateur Astronomer's Guide to the Deep-Sky Catalogs

The Amateur Astronomers Guide to the Deep-Sky Catalogs
Written by Jerry D Cavin
Published by Springer

The Amateur Astronomers Guide to the Deep-Sky Catalogs is published as part of Springer’s ‘Patrick Moore’s Practical Astronomy Series’. The book provides complete listings of the important deep sky catalogs considered useful for amateur astronomy. The listings make up around 80% of the content, the remainder introduces the reader to the people behind the catalogs; those Astronomers and observers throughout history that have spent large parts of their lives documenting and refining their observations.

Catalogs included start with Ptolemy’s Almagest or the ‘Great Book’, Ptolemy performed his observations of the heavens during the second century Anno Domini, and ends with the Caldwell Catalog created by Sir Patrick Caldwell-Moore in the nineteenth century. The book therefore provides nearly two thousand years of documented observations.

The catalog listings will make an excellent resource for amateur astronomers giving co-ordinate locations and other information on thousands of galaxies, stars and nebula. The all to brief bio’s provide a delicious taster into the lives of some fascinating characters and will act as a prompt for more in depth research.

A thoroughly recommended book for all amateur astronomers.

Paul Rumsby
Best Astronomy Books

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About the Author; Jerry Cavin first turned to amateur astronomy while growing up under the dark skies of Iowa. After leaving the farm, he completed a BS in Computer Science with a minor in Electrical Engineering at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He worked for 10 years as the Lead Software Engineer at the Control Data Corporation specializing in real time control systems. After getting married he moved to Austin, Texas and spent over 15 years at the University of Texas at Austin working as a Research Scientist Associate on electronic warfare systems. He is currently working as a Systems Engineer at Overwatch System and will be completing his second MSc degree in Astronomy at the Swinburne Astronomy Online, via the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing in Melbourne, Australia.